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The Drawing the Court Contest Rules

  1. General Conditions
  2. Admission Period
  3. Requirements
  4. Winner Selection
  5. Prize
  6. Contestants’ Rights and Obligations
  7. Winners’ Rights and Obligations

1. General Conditions

To be eligible for entering the contest, a work is to be published on the Drawing the Court web site ( and or other contest Internet sites.
Participation in the contest implies that contestants have perused the present outline of rules and agree to them.


2. Admission Period

The works are admitted for the contest in the period from July 10 through September 8, 2009, inclusive. On September 15, 2009, the art show exhibiting the original works will open.


3. Requirements

3.1. The works are eligible for entering the contest if they are based on the public hearings on the case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev.

3.2. In order to prepare the work for entering the contest a contestant is to attend public hearings of the Khodorkovsky-Lebedev trial, talking place at the Khamovnichesky Court in Moscow, 21, 7th Rostovsky Alley, from 11 am through 5 pm (with the break from 2 pm through 3 pm). Details of the court sessions are to be checked at the contest web site in each specific case. When entering the courtroom, a contestant is issued a special code.

3.3 The works are eligible for entering the contest in the following categories:
a) Painting (works without any genre limitations, made in oil, watercolor, ink, acrylic, pastel, tempera, on canvas, cardboard, paper, and other support bases);
b) Courtroom sketch (drawings and sketches, made in the courtroom in any technique, and on any support base);
c) Caricature (comic and satirical works, made in any technique and on any support base, excluding canvas. Computer graphics is eligible for entering the contest);
d) Illustration / comic strip (works made in any technique, that illustrate real or imagined turns of the court proceedings, in the format of an illustration or comic strip);

3.4. Entry Procedure
3.4.1. A contestant must create an account at the ( web site and provide accurate, current, and complete information, including the contact information. In order to register with the Drawing the Court contest web site, each contestant should enter a special code issued when attending the trial.
3.4.2. Color photographs of works made on canvas, paper, cardboard and other support bases in the technique corresponding to each contest category, as well as preview copies of works made with graphics editors in the categories “Caricature” and “Illustration / Comic Strip” are uploaded to the contest site by a contestant by filling an appropriate submission form.
3.4.3. Submitting a work for the contest, a contestant must provide a commentary, including the name of the author and the title of the work (required), as well as other information a contestant thinks relevant.
3.4.4. The originals of computer graphics works must have resolution no less than 300 dpi. The preferable file format is TIFF, otherwise it should be EPS and PDF. All fonts should be in curves.
3.4.5. The author should be prepared to submit the original work to the contest organizers for the final art show no later than September 9, 2009.

3.5. Works that violate the laws of Russian Federation are not eligible for entering the contest.

3.6. By submitting a work to the contest, its author guarantees that it does not infringe any exclusive rights of any third parties.

3.7. The submitted works remain the property of their authors, but the contest organizers reserve the right to exhibit the originals, include their reproductions into hardcopy and electronic editions, publications, and catalogues, and distribute them in different media without their authors’ prior consent and without paying any fees.


4. Winner Selection

Four winners, one for each category, will be selected by the jury upon reviewing all submitted works. The fifth winner will be selected by the results of user voting at the Drawing the Court web site.
The following winners will be selected:
— four winners in each category, on the basis of the jury opinion of the worthiest works in respective categories;
— the winner of the user voting, who has received the most user votes, regardless of the contest category.
— the project's title partner will define the "OpenSpace Choice" winner (regardless of the category).
The user voting is carried out at the Drawing the Court web site to September 10, 2009, inclusive. The users with accounts registered at any web sites that support Open ID (,, etc.), no later than July 10, 2009, are eligible for voting.
Every user can vote for any number of works. Every user can vote for any particular work one time in 24 hours.

The winners will be announced on September 15, 2009, at the opening ceremony of the Drawing the Court art show. The winners list will be published on the Drawing the Court and web sites, and all winners will be notified of their results by e-mail, to addresses entered at their contest accounts, from September 11 through 14, 2009.


5. Prize

Four winners in the specific categories (see 3.3.) and the winner of the user voting will be awarded with contest honorable diplomas and trips to New York.
The trip will take place in the period from March 15 through April 15, 2010.
The contest organizers commit themselves to:
1). Provide visa support for the contest winners (including invitation, consular appointment organization, and paying the consular fees);
2). Provide air fare to the contest winners (Moscow — New York — Moscow);
3). Provide airport transfer to the hotel;
4). Provide and pay for a one-bed room in a three-star hotel for each contest winner;
5). Provide the interpreter services at daytime;
6). Organize tours to major landmarks, museums, and artists’ studios.


6. Contestants’ Rights and Obligations

All contestants agree to comply to the following terms:
6.1. A contestant guarantees and represents that he or she has every right to the work(s) submitted, that the work is of your own original authorship and has not been copied in part or in full from any other work, and does not violate any other rights of any individual or legal entity.
6.2. A contestant guarantees that he or she has all necessary licenses, rights, agreements and permits necessary for the contestant’s submitted originals to be exhibited at the final art show, and its reproductions to be published by the organizers in hardcopy and electronic media.
6.3. In case of any third-party claims with respect to a work submitted to the Drawing the Court contest, the contestant author of the work in question must settle the arising dispute with a third party him- or herself and at his or her own expense.
6.4. The winner has the right to receive the prize according to the procedure described in the present outlines.
6.5. The contestant aspiring to winning the prize, must fill in and sign all forms necessary for receiving the prize.
6.6. In case of any third-party claims with respect to a work submitted to the Drawing the Court contest and posted at the contest web site, the disputed work’s participation in the contest might be suspended until settling the dispute, or the disputed work might be withhold from the contest web site.
6.7. In case of any damage to a contestant resultant from his or her using the prize and/or participating in the contest, all responsibility is laid on the contestant.
6.8. Any individual holding a valid foreign passport is eligible for entering the contest.


7. Winners’ Rights and Obligations

7.1. A winner pays the fare from his or her place of residence to the nearest consular office and back.
7.2. Taxes on the prize and other compulsory payments set by the current legislation of the Russian Federation are the sole responsibility of the winners, to be paid according to the procedures of this legislation.
7.3. A participant selected as a winner has the right to decline the prize. He or she should notify the organizers of his or her decline no later than January 10, 2010.
7.4. A winner forfeits his or her right to receive the prize if he or she does not have the documents necessary for it (foreign passport, etc.).
7.5. A winner forfeits his or her right receive the prize if the submitted personal information is not correct.
7.6. If a winner declines or forfeits his or her prize, the said prize is transferred by the contest organizers to the next contender with most voted by jury or users.
7.7. The prize is not negotiable and refundable.
7.8. Any circumstances that prevent a winner from using the prize (absence of necessary documents, consular refusal, late arrival, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the winner.


Voters with accounts registered in the Livejournal and Liveinternet services are eligible to vote.

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