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What does it mean ”to punish”? “to isolate”? ”to reintegrate”?

Every word from this list is an attempt to awake some Dinosaur-God: The
Law, that comes from the outer space, alienated from any local structures
of experiences and interrelations of wills, The World divided into the
“outside” and the ”inside”, into the biggest and smallest parts, into the
center and periphery, The Society which tries to subjugate and assimilate
into all networks of quasi-voluntary and non-voluntary
connections,relations, solidarities any sense, thought, action that could
be interpreted in some way through one-or-another recognized

Those Gods are really being awaken every time when the words ”crime”,
”police”, ”legality”, ”court”, ”prison” could be heard from somewhere.

But how it could be actually can tried a non-awakening of them? What kind
of tactics and tricks can be used to avoid calling these – and many other
total social ideas and structures produced by those ideas?

The nature of a phenomenon is often describes itself most clearly in it
ultimate manifestations. And prison system – is one of those ultimate
manifestations of power relations threading through the whole body of
social communications.

So the story about prison, about imprisonment, about resistance – both
personal and collective, active and passive, escapist and involved – are
the story of everyone`s perpetual experience – and the critique of that
type of an institution is a critique of all the social space.

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