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Davina Garrido

Khodorkovsky (Courtroom Sketch), , 08/09/09
Guards (Caricature), , 08/09/09
Sleeping guard
Sleeping guard (Courtroom Sketch), , 08/09/09
Khodorkovsky and Judge - Green
Khodorkovsky and Judge - Green (Caricature), , 08/09/09
Khodorkovsky and Judge
Khodorkovsky and Judge (Caricature), , 08/09/09
Khodorkovsky and his Lawyer
Khodorkovsky and his Lawyer (Caricature), , 08/09/09
Bored Courtroom secretary texting on mobile phone
Bored Courtroom secretary texting on mobile phone (Caricature), , 19/08/09
Khodоrkovsky and Lebedev supporters
Khodоrkovsky and Lebedev supporters (Courtroom Sketch), , 19/08/09
Lebedev’s team
Lebedev’s team (Courtroom Sketch), , 19/08/09
Lebedev’s shadow
Lebedev’s shadow (Courtroom Sketch), , 19/08/09
Lawyer concentrating
Lawyer concentrating (Caricature), , 19/08/09
Lawyer’s new shoes
Lawyer’s new shoes (Caricature), , 19/08/09
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